AI Email Assistant FAQs

Your Essential Guide to GmailPT

Is GmailPT free to use?
Yes, GmailPT is free for life for all users, offering daily usage limits and tokens sufficient for most users' needs. For those requiring more extensive use, our basic or premium plans provide higher daily limits and additional tokens, unlocking unlimited possibilities with GmailPT. Explore our Upgrade options for enhanced features and capabilities.
Comprehensive features of GmailPT: proofreading, translation, ...
GmailPT enhances your digital communication with a wide range of functionalities. Whether within Gmail or on any website, users can leverage GmailPT for AI-driven proofreading, replying, translating, detailed explanations, and summarization. It also enables composing emails, sending diverse prompts, and one-click access to ChatGPT, streamlining your online interactions.
Universal webpage compatibility of GmailPT
GmailPT is not just for Gmail; it's designed to function seamlessly across any webpage. This flexibility allows you to effortlessly translate, explain, or summarize text on any site, enhancing your web browsing and content interaction with just a couple of clicks.
GmailPT compatibility with various webmail services
Yes, beyond Gmail, GmailPT is fully compatible with all major webmail platforms, including Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and others when used within Chrome or Edge browsers. This ensures a unified, productive experience across your email communications.
Understanding tokens in GmailPT's AI models
Tokens are the building blocks used by AI models in GmailPT to understand and process language. Each word is typically equivalent to about 1.3 tokens, allowing the AI to analyze and respond to text efficiently and accurately.
Daily usage limits and token reset schedule
GmailPT resets its daily usage limits and tokens for all users at midnight UTC/GMT. This ensures that you have regular, consistent access to our AI features and can plan your usage accordingly.
Understanding token usage
Token usage in GmailPT is calculated by combining the tokens from both your input prompt and the generated response by the AI model. This includes the entirety of the text you submit and the comprehensive reply produced by GmailPT, ensuring a transparent and fair assessment of token consumption for each interaction.
Tracking daily usage
Daily interactions with GmailPT are tallied each time our AI models successfully process and respond to your queries. This ensures that only successful interactions contribute to your daily usage count, with failed attempts not impacting your usage limits, optimizing your experience and usage efficiency.
Explore the range of AI models offered
GmailPT provides access to leading AI models, including the versatile GPT-3.5 Turbo and Gemini Pro for all users. Upgraded accounts unlock additional advanced models like GPT-3.5 Turbo 11-06 and GPT-4 Turbo 11-06, reflecting our commitment to incorporating the latest in AI technology for enhanced user experiences.
Advantages of using your own OPENAI API Key
Utilizing your own OPENAI API Key with an upgraded GmailPT account removes all daily usage and token restrictions, granting you limitless access to our features. This premium upgrade opens up a world of possibilities, allowing for unrestricted use of GmailPT's powerful AI capabilities.
How to obtain your OPENAI API Key

First, create an OpenAI account or sign in at OpenAI signup or OpenAI login. Then, navigate to the API key management page and select "Create new secret key." You can optionally name the key. Remember to save it in a secure place and not share it with anyone.

Discover who powers GmailPT
GmailPT is a proud creation of FXINTER LLC, a New York-based innovator in Chrome extensions since 2017. Our expertise in Gmail tools has attracted tens of thousands of daily users worldwide. Our suite includes acclaimed extensions like GeoTrack (innovative email tracking with geolocation) and Pop Sync (a POP3 Fetcher for Gmail).